About us

Zoe  life with pets

(ゾーイ ライフ ヴィズ ペット)


"Zoe life with pets " 


 2016年 愛知県一宮市にアトリエを構えて




『 life with pets』とは、ペットとの”暮らし”の中に










Zoe  life with pets


In 2016, a pet apparel brand was born in a newly built atelier in Aichi Prefecture, Ichinomiya City.


"Lifestyle" is our concept  and our motto is creating joyful

things through innovation.


To achieve this, the focus is on

Made in Japan, hand-crafted works.

Materials used are those utilized worldwide

by apparel brands,such as top quality and dependable dead-stock fabric, vintage materials, and organic fabrics.



Re-use, recycling, environmental  

protection, people and  animals.

With these thoughts, this brand wishes to become a means of reducing the distance between people and nature.

From this motivation,the pet goods are materialized creation,that withstand the times with their trendy simplistic designs.